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Facebook Timeline Launches Worldwide

Friday, December 16th, 2011
Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline

Back in September of this year, Facebook unveiled the new Timeline function at the F8 event. The Timeline has been summed up to be the story of your life on one page.

The Facebook Timeline feature allows users to create events of their life on their Facebook profile. Do you remember that time you broke a bone in 6th grade? Well, you can create that event for the world to see. What about your senior prank? Go ahead and include any information you want to include — time, description of prank and location. You can now literally tell your life story to your friends and family.

Of course, privacy is still the main concern for many Facebook users. Facebook is still doing great things to uphold the privacy of its members. Users still have an option to hide what they don’t want people to see and limit things to only a certain group of people.

The Facebook Timeline feature will be scrutinized by many users. Thousands of people are already verbally and publicly displaying their disinterest for the feature. However, this is usually the new trend for any new feature of Facebook. Most people will admit that it will just take a little time for the new Facebook Timeline feature to grow on them.

Once people discover how useful and personal the feature is, they are more likely to use it to its fullest capability. Some people do not want their whole life to be on Facebook, but other users see the attraction in telling their story on one single page to people who may not know too much about them.

Learn How To Speak Fluent “TweetSpeak”

Friday, November 26th, 2010

So you sign in and see: “I tweeted this RT from @aplusk and my followers freaked. I even got DMs and it was almost a TT! #lamepeopleirritateme”. Brain melting? Don’t worry, it’s not as strange as it looks.

Starting with RT. Quite awhile ago Tony Hawk posted “RT @someone It’s my birthday!” Of course people wished him a happy birthday. Little did they know, RT means ReTweet. This means that the person is resending someone else’s post to spread the word. ReTweeting is actually done often and is a quick way to get the word spread far and wide about anything or anyone. It’s like the old pyramid schemes, if one sells to ten and they each sell to ten and so on.

Next the @ signs. This is only a way to mark that you are using someone’s unique twitter name. @aplusk happens to be Ashton Kutcher. (A plus K get it?) So any time that you see an @ sign just realize it refers to someone. When you use the person’s unique twitter name via the @ that post also appears in a separate page on their profile that they can choose to look at often to see who is talking about them.

DM means Direct Message. This is a bit like an email sent via Twitter with a 140 character limit. You can only send these private messages to someone who is following you. This makes it easier by eliminating an inbox full of spam or otherwise unwanted messages.

The last thing the above message talks about is TT’s, Trending Topics. Along the side of your profile page (or in you menu if you are using a telephone ap) you will see a list of topics. These change frequently and generally refer to whatever is ‘hot’ in the news or entertainment industry. It’s a way to see what ‘everyone is talking about’ as it takes thousands of tweets to start a TT. A way to alert people that you are trying to start a TT is to use a hashtag which is represented by the pound sign ‘#’. Example: If @pink puts out a new album she might tweets something like “My new album just dropped!! Pick up #greatesthitssofar online or at your local store!” This shows that she would like the name of her album to ‘trend’ giving it optimum recognition.

Twitter Is Simple And It’s Simply Changing The World

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

For some Twitter is another way to connect with friends and loved ones in a faster and more accessible way, however for a growing number of people Twitter has become an invaluable networking and business tool.

It is not uncommon to see businesses like coffeehouses and even some take out restaurants offering the option to order via Twitter. Tweeting that you are craving a certain flavor of ice cream or maybe that you wanted to see a concert that sold out before you were able to get tickets may often yield a response from a business willing to help.

If you are a business owner Twitter has become a tool that enables you to keep in touch with your customers minute by minute in a way that has previously been nearly impossible. For example; Simon Cooper, President and COO of The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, recently had a tweet sent to him about a disappointing experience at a Hotel in Florida. Within hours, though he was several states away, he was able to contact his staff who got in touch with the guest and rectified the situation during the same day. The guest was ‘wowed’ immediately instead of waiting for a comment card to take the same affect weeks later.

Why is Twitter so much faster? Mostly because the platform allows you to see who is talking about you and your business via your phone. One can choose to download an application with search options and ‘trending topics’ or receive notifications via text message. This means that, at your convenience, you can read messages intended for you and/or search for words related to what you do.

Another facet of the site is that you are able to accumulate followers whom you can reach with a simple 140 character message that reaches them during their day without spamming. Customers read your tweets to keep updated on what is going on and can help you spread the word by re-posting, or ReTweeting, your information.

With Twitter your business possibilities are endless. For more information or to better understand, the folks behind the phenomenon suggest you simply ‘Hang around the site and watch for your own Aha! moment’.

#NewTwitter To Roll Out For All Users Soon

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Although Twitter is a young company they seem to have grasped the important concept of constantly updating and recreating their site in ways that make users excited without over changing things to make people feel lost.

Recently the Twitter team has rolled out “New Twitter”. By moving your @mentions, retweets, searches, and lists above your normal timeline, they hope to make the users profile page a more efficient way to see important information. This way you see exactly what is pertinent to you specifically before browsing to see who Taylor Swift saw jogging today (which is, of course, also important).

They have also created a couple of brand new one-click options that will make information easier to come by. First, mini time lines will enable everyone to click on a users name and see a small version of their bio and profile page without navigating away from whatever page they are currently browsing. Second the Related Content option will create icons that will show additional related content to the user and/or the author of the tweet they are reading.

Although an exact date has not been given as of yet, the preview process has already begun. This means that any twitter user will be able to switch from the old Twitter to the new and back until they are used to the way the new Twitter will work. Eventually all profiles will be switched over and be able to use all of the new features.

Stay tuned for many more new and exciting changes that the Twitter Team will surely continue to wow the world with!

“The Social Network” Movie

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

This weekend the movie The Social Network hits theaters. It is expected to do quite well. Some have even said that the $25 million opening weekend predictions are conservative.

In searching the reviews on Saturday a negative view was difficult to find. One blogger on IMDB states, “Every aspect of the film is handled just so; from the gorgeous cinematography to the great cast, from the fitting editing to the unforgettable writing. The Social Network is, perhaps, the film of the year. It’s timely and timeless, a combination that few films can ever hope to achieve.”

The movie follows the life of the credited creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg from the idea and through the online bricks and mortar process of building the site.

The movie also chronicles the controversy of the allegations that Zuckerberg in essence stole the website. The films shows the entire process including the trials leading up to the dissolution of the partnership between Zuckerberg and his friends and partners.

Because of the controversy it will be interesting to see how the movie does at the box office and what impact, positive or negative, it has on the social media world and facebook itself.

On a different but interesting note, Mark Zuckerberg himself recently promised the Newark Public School System 100 million dollars. The gift is extraordinary and will make more of a difference than most can imagine for the children of that area. However there are those who feel that Zuckerberg only wanted to offset the possible fallout his reputation could take from the movie. So far no such fallout has occurred.

One funny fact about the movie that is otherwise irrelevant, the actor who plays Mark Zuckerberg, Jesse Eisenberg, also starred in the 2009 movie Zombieland. In that movie his character states that the best thing about Zombieland is that “There are no Facebook status updates”. 😉

Twitter Moves to OAuth for API Access

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Twitter is a relatively new social media website that is quickly growing to be a must have for not only people, but businesses as well.

One of the most convenient ways to use Twitter is by downloading and authorizing one of the thousands of applications written to make using Twitter from your desktop or phone easier and more streamlined.

Recently the staff at Twitter have developed a way for users enjoying twitter through applications to feel more secure. They have named the feature OAuth.

In a nutshell OAuth will still allow users to download their favorite application but will not allow the application to store their password. For example, if you are an UberTwitter (for blackberry) user, you will be able to enter your password once and then continue to tweet and follow others even if you need to change your password. This greatly decreases the chances that a hacker will be able to find your password and ‘hijack’ your timeline.

Twitter has not as of yet rolled this feature out for every person but expects to do so by the end of the year.

Another way they have endeavored to make the Twitter experience a more enjoyable one, is by creating a link wrapping feature named

Link wrapping makes the 140 character limit of each tweet possible when adding a link. Generally a link added would be so many characters long that it takes the entire tweet and makes commenting or retweeting difficult. t. co will shorten each link and also display it in a way that shows where you are being directed.

Again an example, if you added a link to your online auction and it appeared like this: categoryZ67681QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp3907.m263QQ_trkparmsZalgo%3DSIC%26itu%3DMRU-10968%252BUCI%252BIA%252BUA –  t. co would not only shorten it but it would appear as simply or something similar so that you know where you are headed.

These two roll outs are exciting and looking forward it seems certain that the people at Twitter are sure to continue to wow users with future features.