More On Twitter And What It Can Do For You

So presuming that you have signed up for Twitter in an effort to benefit from it’s unique platform, you are now probably wanting to know exactly what to do with your profile and account.

First, realize that your actual page on the website isn’t extremely important, so making it personalized and visually stimulating, while fun, isn’t an important step for now.

Your primary objective when starting out is to get followers. The best way to do this is to be current, relevant , and interesting. If you understand that people will search certain terms, then you can begin by tweeting about current affairs so that those browsing around will see your tweets.

These tweets should be fun and entertaining. Witty tweets will draw more attention than merely informative ones. Learn to make your 140 characters worth reading.

Find articles and/or story’s that pertain to your area of business and then choose to either summarize the story or comment on it in your own words and add a link for people to follow for the full story.

Another way to begin adding yourself to the Twitter world is to find other companies and people who you are interested in and who may be interested in you. This way they will be notified that you are following them and may choose to follow you.

Once you’ve figured out these steps, it’s time to tweet! Pick a topic, article, story, or thought and type in the 140 characters or less that will let people know you have arrived on the social media scene!

Good luck and happy tweeting!


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