Facebook Timeline Launches Worldwide

Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline

Back in September of this year, Facebook unveiled the new Timeline function at the F8 event. The Timeline has been summed up to be the story of your life on one page.

The Facebook Timeline feature allows users to create events of their life on their Facebook profile. Do you remember that time you broke a bone in 6th grade? Well, you can create that event for the world to see. What about your senior prank? Go ahead and include any information you want to include — time, description of prank and location. You can now literally tell your life story to your friends and family.

Of course, privacy is still the main concern for many Facebook users. Facebook is still doing great things to uphold the privacy of its members. Users still have an option to hide what they don’t want people to see and limit things to only a certain group of people.

The Facebook Timeline feature will be scrutinized by many users. Thousands of people are already verbally and publicly displaying their disinterest for the feature. However, this is usually the new trend for any new feature of Facebook. Most people will admit that it will just take a little time for the new Facebook Timeline feature to grow on them.

Once people discover how useful and personal the feature is, they are more likely to use it to its fullest capability. Some people do not want their whole life to be on Facebook, but other users see the attraction in telling their story on one single page to people who may not know too much about them.

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