Facebook To Add Datacenter in Rutherford, NC

Once the home to many textile companies, Rutherford county was a thriving community with a proud history and a bright future. However in the last ten years or more the clothing industry has moved to other countries leaving this area in near dire straights. As with the rest of the country the area has struggled, but with a reported 13.4% unemployment rate (whereas the rest of the state averages 9.6%) the economic decline feels harsher.

However, this month Facebook has announced that it will join other companies, who have reported profitable gain, in bringing a new data center to the area. This is incredibly good news as the project will immediately create jobs for construction companies and workers and continue to provide jobs once the center is complete. The executives have estimated that after approximately 18 months of construction they will need 450 people for ‘high tech’ computer jobs.

The news rocked the county in the best possible way, “This is a game-changer,” Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton said at the site. “It’s a message that Rutherford County and North Carolina are open for business in the 21st century.”

The building to be renovated and eventually used is the Old Maco building located on Old Caroleen road. The site, boasting a whopping 168 acres, is only about an hour from Asheville suggesting that the people living in other counties may also be able to gain employment.

“We always took great pride in the fact that we clothed the world,” said Dalton, who was born here. “Those jobs are now gone with the changing economy, but today shows we’re still a great place to do business.”

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