Optimize E-Commerce Sites For Maximum Traffic and Sales

E-commerce sites rely on SEO to deliver customers to their website. This is especially true during peak shopping days like Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year.

When consumers want a product, these days their first instinct is to type it into the Google search box. Initially, they research different product options to see which one meets their needs. Once they have determined which product is the best choice, they again search for the best price and delivery on that specific item. Optimizing product pages for e-commerce SEO helps the consumer find the information they need.

Optimize Every Page

E-commerce SEO sites can take several steps to ensure that their product pages appear high in the search engine page rankings. One of the easiest methods is to make sure that each product page has comprehensive product details. Many e-commerce sites simply cut and paste the product information provided by the manufacturer.

Not only does this limit the uniqueness of the page itself, the page does little to move the sale forward due to the lack of enticing, action-oriented copy. It is one thing to make an e-commerce SEO website optimized for search engines. It is quite another to develop web copy that appeals to people.

Another way e-commerce sites can maximize their revenue is to make sure their on-site search engine is top-notch. Some e-commerce search engines are downright terrible. E-commerce SEO site owners should work closely with programmers to utilize the latest technology in on-site search. When customers cannot find what they are looking for, they leave frustrated and it damages the brand of the e-commerce site.

Social Media Links

Facebook recently passed 1 billion members worldwide. Social media is more popular than ever and continues to grow. E-commerce SEO sites that do not promote social sharing of their content will be left behind. Each product page should have icons and links that let users easily share page content. This will increase inbound links from authority sites. The e-commerce site will benefit from other high-profile sites recommending and sharing their content.

By properly optimizing their website with excellent page descriptions, highly efficient on-site search and comprehensive social media connections, e-commerce SEO sites will be well-prepared for massive traffic and sales. Cyber Monday will seem like just another day on the calendar.

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