Best SEO Practices For Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce SEO is a science. Those who are who are well educated in it, know not only how to build traffic, but what the ground rules are before they begin. There are a variety of ecommerce SEO tactics a business can use to grow their online audience, it’s worth it to research which are truly effective and which are just the stop-gap measures that won’t work in the long run.

Sticky ContentOne old-fashioned traffic building strategy that’s often overlooked, but can’t be under-estimated is offering content that people want to read and will recommend to their friends. Thousands of links are shared across the Internet every day just because they lead to reading material that’s interesting. Spam-like content, however, does not generate visits, as obvious as a fact as that may be. Setting out to provide content that’s ‘sticky’ is putting the cart before the horse. Being entertaining and informative isn’t a trick. It’s simply a matter of having talented writers onboard who can generate great content.

Ecommerce SEO also involves site design. A site should not be bland or ugly. Using colors and images that visitors find attractive should be the number one ecommerce SEO priority of every business. Just as pedestrians on the street, stop to look in the window of stores that have engaging window displays, a website’s ecommerce SEO has to operate the same way. Navigability is just as important. If a site is difficult to move around or has too many pop-ups obstructing a visitor from experiencing it the way they desire, they will leave.

Getting search engines to notice sites to the extent that businesses need them to, is the essence of what ecommerce SEO is all about. It’s also about remembering that behind all the strategies and techniques being employed, are human beings hanging out on their computers. Once companies lose sight of this basic premise, ecommerce SEO can become abstract and disruptive to the natural flow of content online.

Ecommerce ReviewsOne process that is absolutely essential to the conversion of eyeballs to actual buyers, is building community. A site should not feel like the unknown. A site visitor contemplating making a purchase is inevitably more confident about doing so if they can read what other buyers of the same product or service have to say about it. While allowing a disgruntled customer to post a bad review can also drive away a sale, when that negative feedback is stacked against other positive reviews, the fact that opinions are being openly shared on a site brings credibility. Ecommerce SEO is about credibility. Credibility drives sales.

What businesses unfortunately rely on, too much, as they try to drive traffic to their sites, are non-organic considerations. The Internet is not a mall. Like the real world, it’s a space in which billions of people collect to do a multitude of things, some entertainment others business related. Abusing backlinks won’t get a website high ranking for long. Search engines are increasingly punishing companies trying to dominate the Internet using methods that devalue its overall experience.

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