#NewTwitter To Roll Out For All Users Soon

Although Twitter is a young company they seem to have grasped the important concept of constantly updating and recreating their site in ways that make users excited without over changing things to make people feel lost.

Recently the Twitter team has rolled out “New Twitter”. By moving your @mentions, retweets, searches, and lists above your normal timeline, they hope to make the users profile page a more efficient way to see important information. This way you see exactly what is pertinent to you specifically before browsing to see who Taylor Swift saw jogging today (which is, of course, also important).

They have also created a couple of brand new one-click options that will make information easier to come by. First, mini time lines will enable everyone to click on a users name and see a small version of their bio and profile page without navigating away from whatever page they are currently browsing. Second the Related Content option will create icons that will show additional related content to the user and/or the author of the tweet they are reading.

Although an exact date has not been given as of yet, the preview process has already begun. This means that any twitter user will be able to switch from the old Twitter to the new and back until they are used to the way the new Twitter will work. Eventually all profiles will be switched over and be able to use all of the new features.

Stay tuned for many more new and exciting changes that the Twitter Team will surely continue to wow the world with!

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