Project Titan: Facebook Challenges Gmail?

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he and his team will roll out a new email type feature for the site.

The hype says that a Facebook email client will put Gmail and other email sites completely out of business, however Zuckerberg doesn’t think that will necessarily be the case.

The system will not be exactly the same as the emailing sites you are used to. The project, called Project Titan, will endeavor to keep every type of communication that users are currently taking advantage of and keep them in one place. It will not be a place for lengthy email correspondence.

“If we do a good job, some people will say this is the way the future will work.” Zuckerber has stated, “We don’t think a modern messaging system is going to be email.”

It is well accepted by those who understand the world wide web that in order to be a competitive business you must take advantage of the current social media trend. A big bite of that is Facebook. With the addition of email, in any context, the once college only site may rise above the rest as the platform for everyone.

Although Google and Facebook have long been involved in a constant battle for users, one that has left almost everyone else behind, Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, sees it as a challenge. “More competition is always good because competition makes the market larger. We are all well served by having everybody online.”

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