SEO’s Aren’t Snake Oil Peddlers. SEO’s are…

Some people seem to think that search engine optimization is some kind of frou-frou nonsense they have to be weary of. Perhaps they’ve been duped by unscrupulous “SEO’s” before or know someone that has. Unfortunately, this is all too common as fly-by-night SEO companies promise the world and then come up empty when rankings tank. Perhaps we can shed some light on what it is that real SEO’s actually do.

SEO’s are…

…Publishers. SEO’s work with your company to publish the best content in the best places. Like a public relations specialist, SEO’s serve as a liason between you and your public (search engines) to present your company in the best possible light.

…Analysts. SEO’s analyze your website’s traffic patterns and industry statistics to determine what areas of your website are excelling and where your website falls short. Accurate and actionable data is critical for a successful search engine optimzation campaign.

…Navigators. SEO’s keep their eyes open and ears to the ground about future changes in the search engine environment, providing you with important information about how to react BEFORE problems arise.

…Architects. Most importantly, SEO’s develop strategic search engine optimization campaigns in order to create the greatest return on investment and establish long-term rankings and a solid online presence.

Should you be weary of SEO consultants and Internet marketers that seem to pop up out of nowhere? Of course! When looking to develop a relationship with a search engine optimization firm, always do your due diligence. Find out what their experience is. Ask for results on previous campaigns. Above all else, if it sounds too good to be true…it probably is.


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